About us

About Us

gelflex-building Leaders in Contact lens design and manufacture since 1971, Gelflex has built its reputation on innovation, quality and great service.
Based in sunny Perth, Australia, with offices in Indonesia, USA and Europe, Gelflex offers a vast array of contact lenses to meet the needs of global consumers.
Gelflex currently exports to over 20 countries through distributors in every major continent and is Australia’s only manufacturer of disposable contact lenses offering a comprehensive package of private label products individualized for every market.

Our products
The beautiful landscape and healthy lifestyle that is uniquely Australian is the inspiration for every lens design Gelflex creates. We produce a wide range of disposable and speciality custom lenses to meet the needs of consumers worldwide.

Looking good
It’s not just about the lenses we make, but it’s how we make them. Our focus is patient comfort and satisfaction. Maybe it’s because we are Australian, but for us it’s all about Looking Good and Feeling Great!

In over 40 years as a leader in the contact lens industry, Gelflex has successfully developed some notable products including :
  • The worlds first hydrogel intraocular lens
  • The gas permeable scleral lens
  • The pedriatric gas permeable scleral lens
  • proudly-aussie
  • The Triton Translating Soft Bifocal Contact lens
  • And many unique contact lens designs