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Sofclear Colors have been designed to change the color of your eye in such in a natural way that your friends won't even know you're wearing them.


The unique combination of colors and design have been carefully crafted to achieve just the right look.


Don't judge them on how they appear in the package - the magic happens on the eye!

Explore all 6 colors in the collection and how they look on different eye colors below.

Sofclear Colors are packed in our BioMoist saline.

Which introduces superior wetting agents that mirror the

natural condition of the eye. This makes the wearing

experience even more comfortable.

Try them and feel the difference!

For ordering and diagnostic boxes please contact

NASSAU OOGP Vision Group™.

T 800 654 3829

W www.oogp.com


T 866 435 3539

E infousa@gelflex.com