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Our team of lens designers set out to create a very comfortable contact lens, with tear exchange and visual acuity. The result was Sofclear Comfort with BioMoist.

Sofclear lenses are so light, it’s easy to forget you are wearing them. All with the added benefit of UV protection.

Every Sofclear lens is carefully crafted to provide just the right amount of movement on the eye. This ensures constant rehydration of the lens and interchange of tears from behind the lens.

Made from the high grade material and featuring Gelflex’s unique Radial Edge technology, which provides uniform edge thickness – patient comfort is priority. Made under the strict quality control guidelines consistent with every lens we produce, you can be assured of the quality of Sofclear contact lenses.



with BioMoist

Packaging sample shown is an example only.

BioMoist png Logo.png

The BioMoist packaging formulation is a hydrating solution containing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and polyethylene glycol (PEG), which together mimics the natural tear film of the eye. The combination of these superior wetting agents provides a soft, silky feel.


BioMoist also contains unique cleaning agents that help to resist the build-up of protein and lipids on the lens surface.


At Gelflex, it’s all about comfort.

Sofclear Comfort tinted contact lenses are available in both Single Use Only (water 57%, Methafilcon B 43%) and Monthly use (water 55%, Methafilcon A 45%) . Please contact our customer service team for all material and modality variations available.  

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