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Sofclear Enhance uses a carefully formulated combination of special tints

to produce the right colour intensity, which will highlight and brighten

your natural eye colour.


Made for Comfort


With Gelflex Enhance lenses, it’s far more than just fashion. We also understand that every contact lens must be comfortable to wear. 
Which is why every lens features our Radial Edge Technology that creates a very thin and uniform edge.
The entire manufacturing process is built around

ensuring you not only look good, but you feel
great as well. Made under the strict quality
control guidelines consistent with every lens we
produce, you can be assured of the quality of
Sofclear contact lenses.
Sofclear Enhance lenses are packaged in BioMoist because at Gelflex we understand
comfort is everything.


Sofclear Enhance Box 1.png

A contact lens that truly brightens and

enhances the natural colour of your eyes.

Evergreen BA Web 2021 V2.jpg

Packaging sample shown is an example only.




105 Evergreen Enhance Web 2021 V1.jpg
105 Royal Blue Enhance Web 2021 V1.jpg
105 Aqua Enhance Web 2021 V1.jpg
105 Neon Green Enhance Web 2021 V1.jpg

Sofclear Enhance decorative contact lenses are available for Monthly use (water 55%, Methafilcon A 45%) .

Colours shown above are only a sample set of colours available, if other colours are desired please contact our customer service team.

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