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Gelflex offers a complete range of Gas Permeable and custom designed soft contact lenses tailor-made for your patients.

We have built a reputation producing specialty contact lens designs that are exported around the world. With 12 DAC lathes, including 2 x ALM, 3 Axis, 4 Axis and a CNC Mill, we have the capacity to manufacture a comprehensive array of designs for almost every condition to exact specifications with unparalleled turnaround times.

Our experienced team of technical consultants are available every day to assist you. We also utilise the expertise of independent optometrists to handle any queries that may require experienced practitioner assistance. 


Please note that all of our custom-made lenses are only available through qualified practitioners!



Gelflex is Australia’s largest supplier of Orthokeratology lenses, a contact lens design that more and more young people are benefitting from. A lens worn overnight that gives you near 20:20 vision the next day. Click on the surfer to learn more.




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Gelcalc Install Instructions 

1. Once you have clicked the button the Gelcalc Setup File will automatically Download. 

2. After the download is complete please Extract all files within the zipped folder. 

3. Open the ‘setup’ file name. 

4. Gelcalc 2011 Setup Wizard will automatically open. 

5. Click ‘Next’. 

6. Select the desired install folder location then Click Next. Make sure at least 4.6MB of space is free. 

7. Select the desired program shortcut location. It should automatically recommend placing this is the Start        Menu. Once selected Click ‘Next’. 

8. We recommend creating a desktop icon, if possible. Please click the ‘Create a Desktop Icon’ if desired        then Click ‘Next’.  

9. Click ‘Install’.  

10. A Shortcut should be created on your desktop or file location of choice. 

11. Click ‘Finish’. 

12. Open Gelcalc 2011. It is now ready to use. 

Please click one of the buttons above for more information.
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