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Here are some tips…

  • Always wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses. Do not use if the packaging is damaged or not sealed.

  • Always follow your eye-care professionals instructions for duration of use, follow up visits and emergency procedures.



  • For each eye, ensure the lens is not inside out (See Fig. 1 & Fig. 2). Place on your finger to verify the shape.

  • Using your other hand and second finger, hold up the upper lid and hold down the lower Place the lens on the eye (See Fig. 3. Repeat the procedure for the other eye.



  • To remove the lens, look up and hold down the lower lid. Gently pinch the bottom edge of the lens and lift it out of your eye with the pads of your index finger and thumb (See Fig. 4). Repeat the procedure for the other eye.












  • Clean and disinfect your lenses strictly following the instructions on your solution bottle or as directed by your eye-care practitioner. This should limit the presence of potentially harmful bacteria and fungi.

  • Direct exposure to non-sterile water (e.g. tap water, whirlpool bath, swimming, participating in water sports) increases the risk of microbial infection. Soaking contact lenses and contact lens cases in non-sterile water increases the risk of serious microbial infection.

  • If lenses have not been worn for an extended time or dry out, follow the Disinfection / Soaking step above, replace with new lenses or consult your eye-care practitioner.

  • We recommend that you replace your lenses frequently and care for them daily. Your eye-care practitioner will recommend a wearing regime, but if in doubt do ask them for advice.

  • Our lenses are designed for daily wear to be replaced monthly.

  • If your eyes become red or irritated or you experience any pain, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye-care practitioner.

  • We DO NOT recommend the use of Peroxide based cleaners for use on Gelflex Sofclear Colors and Gelflex Sofclear Enhance as it may affect the colour of the lens.

  • Avoid long nails which harbour bacteria. A scratched eye is vulnerable to infection.

  • Replace damaged or scratched lenses immediately.

  • Insert lenses before applying make-up. Remove lenses before removing make-up. Use fibre and oil free mascaras. Avoid contact between your lenses and hair lacquer or other cosmetic aerosols.

  • Keep your lenses out of reach of children.

  • Remove your lenses in the presence of noxious or irritating fumes.

  • Only use your lenses for water sports if water-tight goggles are worn.



  • Don’t wear your lenses when using eye medications or eye drops, unless advised to do so.

  • Don’t rinse your lenses or lens case with tap water. This can be extremely harmful to your eyes.

  • DON’T sleep in your lenses

  • DON’T use household products (e.g. disinfectants) on your lenses. They can seriously damage your eyes.

  • DON’T change your contact lens care system without consulting an eye-care professional.

  • DON'T expose your lenses to water while you are wearing them (e.g. showering)


If you notice any of the following issues with your contact lenses below then IMMEDIATELY REMOVE YOUR LENSES:

  • Eye stinging, burning, itching or eye pain

  • Decreasing comfort than when you first inserted the lens

  • Excessive watering of the eye

  • Unusual eye secretions or redness

  • Rainbows or halos around objects

  • Sensitivity to light or dry eyes

If the discomfort or problem stops, then inspect the lens closely for any damage. If damage to the lens is identified, do not put the lens back in your eye. You should discard the lens and insert a fresh new lens into the eye.

If the lens has dirt, an eyelash or a foreign body on it and the lens appears undamaged, thoroughly clean, rinse and disinfect the lens, then re-insert it. If the problem continues, remove the lenses and immediately consult your eye-care practitioner.

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